Thursday, 7 January 2016

IRCTC Mobikwik | Online Train Tickets Booking Faster Than Ever

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IRCTC Mobikwik | Online Train Tickets Booking Faster Than Ever
IRCTC Mobikwik | Online Train Tickets Booking Faster Than Ever

Are you going to book railway tickets and don’t want to waste your time in those long queues than you should try IRCTC Login on the new “IRCTC Mobikwik” wallet that will book your normal and tatkal tickets within few seconds.

Mobikwik provides online bill payment services and offers coupons and cashback too. It is a virtual wallet which lets you pay bills faster and smoother. It is very helpful to user who use android phones for booking train tickets online.

You may be thinking, as earlier IRCTC launched a new faster version of online ticket booking called IRCTC next generation website. Then why IRCTC needs to improve its ticket booking even faster by joining with mobikwik. One should remember that these days railway ticket booking on mobile is popular, it may be even more popular than booking tickets online on computer or laptop.

For desktop users nget IRCTC made booking of railway tickets much faster and smoother than before. But what about the users who want to book train tickets using mobile phones? Even they also need faster version.

To provide faster ticket booking services, IRCTC launched various apps over the past couple of years. IRCTC Connect app is one such popular app that runs on Android, Windows and other operating systems too, but these applications also do have their drawbacks.

Drawbacks of the IRCTC mobile apps is that the can run on smartphone only. The users with normal phones where the apps can’t be installed and run. So how can a person with normal phone, which can’t run those apps, can use his mobile to buy a train tickets online. Because of this problem IRCTC came up with a mobile version of their online ticketing portal and it is still available to use online. You can to this mobile portal and easily make your reservation.

But on the mobile ticketing site user come across many problems. It take more time to process the tickets booking request, mainly while making payments and this may result in seats getting occupied or ticket is not booked and transactions gets failed. But in Tatkal ticket booking this much of time delay can make you lose your ticket.

So all this eWallets like Paytm and Mobikwik are dedicated online payment gateways and they help in reducing ticket booking time by making your payment process faster.


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