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Do You Know Why Your Transactions Fail In IRCTC Website?

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Do You Know Why Your Transactions Fail In IRCTC Website?

Sometimes when we book the tickets in IRCTC and our ticket is not booked but the amount gets debited. Most of us do not know why the ticket is not booked. So here are few reasons behind the fail of transactions.

Due to any failure of delay in the network may cause transaction failure before completion.

  • Payment completed but ticket is not booked:

If the traveller choose a particular berth during the ticket booking process and ticket is not booked due to choice of berth is not available.

Network failure maybe one of the cause not getting ticket booked.

What Will IRCTC Do ?
Your money is credited back on next day to the respective bank.

What will Bank Do ?
After receiving the amount from IRCTC, bank credits back the money to your account through which booking was done within 2-3 days.

  • Settlement failed and ticket also not booked:

System or network failure at banks end or at PG before paying ticket amount to IRCTC

What Will IRCTC Do?
No money is credited to IRCTC account.

What will Bank Do?
Money is within the bank. After due verification bank will refund your amount.


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