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IRCTC Customer Care Number (Toll-Free), Email Support & Office Address

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IRCTC Customer Care Number (Toll-Free), Email Support & Office Address: Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is the most used website for railway ticket booking, and IRCTC is the most convenient way of transport in India. Sometimes while booking tickets or Checking PNR Status we may face problems or else if we want to know details about tourism packages of IRCTC, we need the help of IRCTC Customer Care. So here we are providing you the list of IRCTC customer care numbers, Toll-free numbers, Tourism package an enquiry details and Email ID. So you can get an enquiry about the details of your problems quickly.

IRCTC Customer Care Number, Email Support and Office Address

IRCTC Customer Care Number (Toll-Free) and Email Support

IRCTC 24 Hours Customer Care - 011-39340000, 011-23340000 (Language – Hindi & English)

IRCTC Fax Number - 011-23345400

We can call IRCTC customer care numbers for queries about online tickets, catering and tourist packages. If you can’t reach IRCTC through customer care numbers, then you can mail them at:

For i-Tickets/e-Tickets
For cancellation of e-Tickets, refund and failed transactions
For Mumbai Suburban Season Tickets
For Shubhyatra Users

IRCTC Customer Care Number for City Wise / Zone Wise

Ahmedabad IRCTC Customer Care Number: 079-2530-0000
Bangalore IRCTC Customer Care Number: 080-2530-0000
Hyderabad IRCTC Customer Care Number: 040-2530-0000
Mumbai IRCTC Customer Care Number: 022-2530-0000
Delhi/NCR IRCTC Customer Care Number: 011-3934-0000
Chennai IRCTC Customer Care Number: 044-2530-0000
Chandigarh IRCTC Customer Care Number: 172-2530-0000

IRCTC Tourism Toll-Free Helpline / Customer Care Numbers 

IRCTC Tourism Chennai Helpline Number: 044- 64594959
IRCTC Tourism Kolkata Helpline Number: 033- 22439045
IRCTC Tourism Delhi Helpline Number: 011- 23701100
IRCTC Tourism Mumbai Helpline Number: 022- 22644378
IRCTC Tourism Chennai Helpline Number: 040- 66201263

IRCTC Customer Care SMS Number

IRCTC Helpline: SMS HELP to 139
Train Time Table Enquiry: SMS TIME to 139
Train Seat Accommodation Enquiry: SMS TRAIN to 139
Fare Enquiry: SMS FARE to 139
PNR Enquiry: SMS PNR to 139
Train Arrival/Departure Enquiry: SMS AD to 139

IRCTC SBI Card Users Customer Care Number & Email ID

Within one month from the date of application, SBI Card users who do not receive the card. Kindly call the Railway SBI Card Helpline Number: 0124-39021212, 18001801295 (BSNL / MTNL line users)
SBI Card Feedback Email ID:
If you have any other queries regarding SBI card account, then Email at

IRCTC Office Address

Registered Office / Corporate Office:

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.,
B-148, 11th Floor, Statesman House, Barakhamba Road,
New Delhi 110001.

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Thank you for reading the article - IRCTC Customer Care Number (Toll-Free), Email Support & Office Address. If you have any question or queries, let them leave in the comments section below.
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4 Ways to Recover Forgotten IRCTC Username and Password

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As we know that is the most visited traveling site in India and it has over a 25 million of active user's. But sometimes the user may face the issue of forgetting Username and Password of IRCTC, once in their lifetime. Now here's the article in which we go through on How to Reset IRCTC Login ID and Password.

How to recover forgotten IRCTC username and password

How to Recover Forgotten IRCTC Login ID and Password

Recover Forgotten IRCTC Username

Don't worry, if you have forgotten your IRCTC Login ID unless you know your email ID, that you have provided while registering.

Method 1 for Recovering IRCTC Username with Registered Mail ID:

  1. Login to your registered mail account that you gave while registering with IRCTC. 
  2. On search bar, search for keywords ‘IRCTC’ or ‘ticketadmin’.
  3. Now from the list of results, select the mail that you got confirming your registration from IRCTC. 
  4. The mail would look similar to the following image.
How to Recover Forgotten IRCTC Login ID and Password

Note: If your account is not active for about 6 months or more, than IRCTC officials may disable your account. In such case, next best option will be to register for a new account.

Method 2 for Recovering IRCTC Username through Customer Care:

  1. To recover your user ID when you don’t remember your mail or if have deleted your mail, send a mail to
  2. They will send you ticket code in response to your mail.
  3. You can either call them by customer care number to tell ticket code or you can mail them mentioning your ticket code.
  4. You’ll receive your user ID within 24 hours of contact. Now, as you have user ID roll up your sleeves to recover your password.

IRCTC Password Recovery

In this information-loaded world, it's very common to forget passwords. Don't worry though, now a days every site has a process to recover the password. IRCTC do also have one.

Method 1 for Recovering Forgotten IRCTC Password using Registered Mobile Number:

  1. Visit  IRCTC Login Page.
  2. Click on " Forgot Password" link beside password field. 
  3. Enter your username and captcha. Now hit "Fetch Details" button to proceed to next step. If you don't remember the username, try the above-mentioned steps to recover your user ID.
    "recovering username"
  4. If your user ID is valid and it still exists in IRCTC's Database, then you will be directed to password recovery page.
  5. As we are at password recovery page, you need the mobile number which was used while registering with IRCTC for recovering password. Even if you have multiple mobile numbers, there is no need for worry unless the number you registered with IRCTC is active.
  6. Enter OTP which is sent to your registered mobile number. 
  7. Now fill in "New Password", confirm new password by re-entering it in "Confirm Password" field. To avoid forgetting, use a memorable password.
  8. Finally enter the captcha (if you are unable to find captcha, hit refresh link beside captcha field.) to hit submit. Remember that captcha is case-sensitive. 

Method 2 for Recovering Forgotten IRCTC Password through Customer Care Service:

  1. Try to contact customer care. Use it as the last call, if nothing mentioned above works.
  2. You can mail IRCTC at or you call them on 011-39340000, 011-23340000.

Note: For complete information on customer care, visit IRCTC Customer Care Toll Free Number, Email Support & Office Address

#If you have any questions or queries after thoroughly going through the How to Recover Forgotten IRCTC Login ID and Password post, you can leave them in the comments section below and they will be answered with the best information available.
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Friday, 28 April 2017

IRCTC Ticket Cancellation Charges 2017 for 3 AC, 2 AC, 1 AC, SL

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Sometimes we can’t able to go through your journey and we want to cancel your tickets. As we cancel a ticket, Indian Railway imposes a certain amount, which is either based on a flat rate of IRCTC cancellation charges for train tickets or a percentage of amount deducted from the cost of a ticket as a cancellation charges. The cancellation charges will remain same whether we book your tickets through IRCTC website or any other travelling sites.

IRCTC Ticket Cancellation Charges 2017 for 3 AC, 2 AC, 1 AC, SL
IRCTC Ticket Cancellation Charges 2017 

IRCTC Ticket Cancellation Charges 2017 for 3 AC, 2 AC, 1 AC, SL

One of the great services launched by Indian Railway is cancellation of railway tickets online. IRCTC cancellation charges for train tickets is imposed as a part of IRCTC service charges for the train tickets booked through IRCTC website or any other website connected with IRCTC.

We can only cancel the IRCTC tickets before the chart preparation, the train chart is prepared before the 4 hours of actual time of journey. Tickets cannot be cancelled once the chart is prepared. But when the ticket is not confirmed, we will get the full refund amount of the ticket as per existing rules of service deduction charges.

IRCTC Cancellation Charges for Confirmed e-tickets:

Generally IRCTC cancellation charges for e-tickets depends up on the status of ticket, class of the tickets, date and time of journey, distance of the journey and duration between the cancellation of railway tickets etc.

Standard Cancellation Charges per passenger are applicable for the tickets, which are cancelled within a day (i.e. 24 hours) or more in advance than the date of journey. The following charges are deducted for cancellation of ticket.

IRCTC Cancellation Charges for Second Class Rs. 60
IRCTC Cancellation Charges for Sleeper Class (SL) Rs. 120
IRCTC Cancellation Charges for 3 AC (AC Economy & AC chair car) Rs. 180
IRCTC Cancellation Charges for 2 AC (First Class) Rs. 200
IRCTC Cancellation Charges for First AC (Executive Class) Rs. 240

Cancellation charges for IRCTC ticket cancelled in less than 24 hours of scheduled departure until chart prepared. 25% of the fare subject to the minimum flat rate mentioned in the above clause.

Points To Remember:

A flat rate of 25% is deducted from the total cost of the ticket in addition to minimum cancellation charges for train tickets, if the confirmed ticket is cancelled within 48 hours and upto 12 hours before the schedule departure of the train.

A flat rate of 50% is deducted from the total cost of the ticket in addition to minimum cancellation charges for train tickets, if the confirmed ticket is cancelled within 12 hours and up to 4 hours before the schedule departure of the train.

If the departure and chart preparation of the train is less than 4 hours, then No Refund is given on cancellation of confirmed tickets.

IRCTC Cancellation Charges for Tatkal Tickets:

Yes. We can cancel tatkal tickets also, but no money is refunded when we cancel the confirmed taktal tickets. The total amount which we paid for booking the tatkal tickets is treated as cancellation charges of e-tickets, for confirmed taktal tickets.

IRCTC Ticket Cancellation Charges on RAC and Wait-Listed (WL) Tickets:

Wait-List tickets or RAC tickets cancellation charges – No cancellation charges for railway tickets are applicable, if your ticket is not confirmed and is under RAC or Wait-Listed ticket status. But clerk-age charges is deducted from the cost of the ticket and balance amount is refunded to the bank account or credit/debit card.

But what are actually Clerk age charges and when it is imposed ?

Clerk age charges are imposed for the clerical work performed in refund of amount on cancellation of unreserved, RAC and Wait-Listed tickets. The amount of clerk age charges are as follows.

Clerk age charges for all classes except second class Rs.65 per passenger
Clerk age charges for second class, unreserved tickets Rs.30 per passenger

IRCTC Cancellation Charges on I-tickets:

Even though we can book I-tickets on online, but they can’t be cancelled online. If we want to cancel an I-ticket then we should visit a computerised reservation centre printed copy of the ticket. The refund amount will be transferred to the respective bank account or credit/debit card from which the payment is made to book the tickets, after deducting the cancellation charges. No cash refund is provided to the customer at the reservation centre.
I-tickets can be cancelled at the reservation centre before 4 days (i.e. 72 hours) of scheduled departure of the train. We can’t cancel I-tickets between 72 hours and scheduled departure, even when the ticket is confirmed.

FAQs about IRCTC Ticket Cancellation Charges in 2017 

1. What if I didn't cancel my RAC ticket and not traveled also. Can I get the refund and what will be the cancellation charges ?

>>For RAC tickets 30 Rs. per passenger will be deducted as cancellation charges in IRCTC, if you have filed the refund request. The RAC tickets should be cancelled within 3 hours of train departure and refund request also be made within 3 hours of train departure. If you don't file a refund request, no refund will be provided.

2. Will I get refund on services charges imposed while booking the tickets ?

>>No, you cannot get refund on services charges imposed while booking a IRCTC tickets. As this charges are levied by banks and the payment gateways. So the amount will not be refunded to your account.

#If you have any questions or queries after thoroughly going through the IRCTC Ticket Cancellation Charges 2017 for 3 AC, 2 AC, 1 AC, SL post content, you can leave them in the comments section below and they will be answered with the best information available.
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Aadhaar Card to be Mandatory for Booking IRCTC Online Tickets

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IRCTC formal announcement on Aadhaar Card as mandatory for booking online tickets.

Aadhaar Card to be Mandatory for booking railway tickets

Since few years it has been a speculating issue on weather Aadhaar Card should be mandatory document for booking online tickets. Officials from IRCTC had made formal announcement regarding this issue stating that Aadhaar card is a must for booking tickets online.

As per Press Trust of India, special software is being developed by Railway Officials. This new software will help passengers in attaching their Aadhaar Card.

What would be the procedure to link Aadhaar Card?

There have been many rumors around internet, that lead everyone to believe that linking Aadhaar Card would be continuous process and one has to link their Aadhaar Card every time they book tickets. Thinking that it might lead to unnecessary delays.

But that was just a rumor after all.

As per Press Trust of India, Aadhaar Card linking is though mandatory is a one time registration. 

Customers just have to link their Aadhaar Card with their IRCTC Account and that's it.

On booking online tickets Aadhaar Card linked to IRCTC Account will also link to tickets booked.

During ticket checking above linked Aadhaar Card would cross checked for authenticity.

This surely reduce the burden.

What is the reason behind linking Aadhaar Card to Rail Tickets?

There has been a lot problems with unauthorized agents. These unauthorized agents would book tickets in advances using offline and online modes. These agents then would contract with the passengers those who are in urgency and would sell them tickets at higher rates, earning a commission for themselves. Also these agent would transfer the blame to IRCTC and Railways officials, as some passengers who brought tickets might think that these agents are getting tickets from officials through some unauthorized ways.

Once the process of linking Aadhaar Cards comes into action all those agents will get flushed away, leading a pathway of genuine transactions.

Officials from Railways has said that " Aadhaar Number will be required for one time registration at IRCTC. This step is aimed at removing touts from registering with fake identities".

Pilot Project for Senior Citizens:

Pilot Project will start from 1st April, which is aimed at providing discount for eligible senior citizens.

Senior Citizens can avail these discounted rates with linking of their Aadhaar Cards. The discount facilities are available both in online and offline mode.

Railways contribution towards ease of buying tickets:

Indian Railways is in motion to install 6000 plus PoS (Point of Sale) machines across all railway bookings counters for cashless ticket bookings, and 1000 automatic ticketing machines.

Aadhaar Card being mandatory helps in achieving authenticity among ticket buyers. It also helps officials in identifying fakers.

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Saturday, 13 August 2016

How to Create IRCTC Account | IRCTC Registration

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Registration/creating or signup of new IRCTC account is really easy. In case you are fresh to online train ticket booking, then you will definitely need an IRCTC account to book seats. You should provide only genuine information while create new account otherwise you are account will be removed and you can maintain only one authorized IRCTC account. Maintain a IRCTC account is incredibly beneficial, it is going to save your time and you can book tickets quickly as per your requirement. Using a IRCTC account, you can check seats availability within a train, cancel your tickets. You can create a new IRCTC account very easily by following steps below.

Registration Of New IRCTC Account

  • Between 7 AM to 11 AM, IRCTC won't allow you to register.
  • Go to , Click on "Sign Up".

How to Create IRCTC Account | IRCTC Registration

  • Now you will find a four sections on IRCTC registration form. These section include 
  1. Account and Personal details, 
  2. Address Details, 
  3. Other Services and 
  4. At last Verification.
  • As you go through the registration form, be careful while filling the form any incorrect data may lead to deactivation of your account. Hence always keep your account updated with correct details and also provide correct details during registration.
  • Most importantly use a valid E-mail ID and mobile number in IRCTC registration form. As your User ID, Password and activation link will be sent to your provided E-mail ID and mobile verification code will be sent to your provided mobile number.
  • Red star marked fields are mandatory to full but you can skip the fields which are not marked with red star.
  • First you need to choose a username for your account, your username should be between 3 - 10 characters. As you put your username on the field, then just click on Check Availability link to check whether the username you choose is available or not. If it is not available, then try another username. And make sure that, choose the username which you can easily remember because you always need it to login to your IRCTC account.
  • Now select a security question and give it answer. In case if you forgot the password, you can recover it by using security question. 
  • Next go through all the personal details and enter them properly.

Personal Details Form While Creating IRCTC Account

How to Create IRCTC Account | IRCTC Registration

  • Now enter your Address details, don't give any fake address as you book I-ticket through IRCTC account they will send the tickets through courier to the address provided. Although you can provide a different address at the time of ticket booking but it will help you to book tatkal tickets faster. If you have provided correct address, you don't need to enter address all time when you book tickets.

Residential Address Details Section In IRCTC Account Sign Up

How to Create IRCTC Account | IRCTC Registration

  • Other services is the last section of IRCTC registration form. This is completely optional and depends upon your interest, as at this section you can subscribe to special offer, commercial, promotions and newsletters through E-mail or SMS on mobile. You can click on No option to unsubscribe.

How to Create IRCTC Account | IRCTC Registration

  • After filling all the sections, enter the verification code as given in the image. If you are unable to  understand the code properly you can use refresh button to get a new code on IRCTC registration.
  • Click on Submit button to complete the IRCTC account registration process. (If you want to clear all the form data and want to enter it again the click on reset button.)

How to Create IRCTC Account | IRCTC Registration

  • After clicking on submit button a pop up will appear, it shows your E-mail ID and mobile number, if the entered email id and mobile number are correct click OK button to proceed further.

How to Create IRCTC Account | IRCTC Registration

  • Now you will be go through Terms and Conditions page, click on Accept button to continue the registration process.
  • A registration completion message will be displayed once after you accept the terms and conditions.
  • Check your E-mail account and mobile, which you have provided while registering for IRCTC account.
  • You will receive your account password to your E-mail. Click on the activation link in your email or log in to IRCTC website.
  • Enter your mobile verification code received through SMS and click on submit button to activate your new account. If you haven't received the mobile verification code, click on first "Click Here" link.

How to Create IRCTC Account | IRCTC Registration

  • To update your registered mobile number if you entered wrong mobile number at the time of registration click on second "Click Here" link.
  • If you received so many messages with different mobile verification codes, use the recent verification code to activate your IRCTC account.
  • When you finally verify your own e-mail account and mobile, your IRCTC new account signing up procedure is actually completed.
  • Now if you want to change the password, you can change it by going through "Change password" link.

Done! Your IRCTC account registration is complete, now you log in to your IRCTC account and book tickets, check availability of trains. Even you can book tatkal tickets through online.
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IRCTC Login Account | Online Tatkal Ticket Booking |

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First you need to sign into IRCTC website to go through IRCTC Login process. After Signup or Login, you can make online reservation and Tatkal ticket booking.

IRCTC Login Account | Online Tatkal Ticket Booking |

How to Sign Up for IRCTC ?

By following simple steps you can create IRCTC new account. Fill up the IRCTC online new registration form then you can easily login to online railway ticket booking system.

1. Visit IRCTC website and click on Sign Up button.

2. After hitting the sign up button, an IRCTC new account registration form will appear. Fill the details of that IRCTC registration form with Account and personal details, Address Details, other services and at last word verification.

3. When you completed filling all the detail, you have to click on “Submit” button.

4. After submitting the IRCTC registration form you will get a mail from IRCTC with your IRCTC login ID and password, by using them you can login to the IRCTC website. Now you have created a new IRCTC account.

IRCTC Login / Sign In Process

After completing the IRCTC Login registration you can sign in to IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering Transport and Corporation) online ticket booking system through irctc login page. Just by entering your Username and Password which you have received in your e-mail ID.

Visit IRCTC Login Page ( website.

The middle box is the irctc login section (As shown in the image below).

IRCTC Login Account | Online Tatkal Ticket Booking |
IRCTC Login Page

Now enter your User ID, Password and Captcha code.

After correctly filling the details click “Login” button to log in irctc online booking system.
Once you are successfully login to your account you can start booking tickets for your desired destination.

As there is no specific irctc login and ticket booking timings, you can book tickets at any time. But between 9 AM to 12 Noon many users in India try to login to book Tatkal tickets, so the irctc serves will face high traffic in that time. So the normal user who are trying to book railway ticket booking online are advised not get into ticket booking section at those timings.

How to Make Online Tatkal Booking ?

In case you want to book a train ticket at the last moment, you can try tatkal ticket booking process. Tatkal Booking Quota will open only 1 day before the journey day and there will be an additional charges are also included.

Go to the IRCTC login page and sign in to your account.

Check the train availability between the two stations. If tatkal ticket booking option is available on that particular day, you will see the option.

Just select the Tatkal option, Select a train and the class of journey (Like Sleeper, Seating, A/C, Non-A/C) to check the availability.

If the seats are available in the Tatkal Quota, proceed to the payment section and book your train ticket.

Thank you for reading the article - IRCTC Login Account | Online Tatkal Ticket Booking |
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